What Is Daisy Mallory Up To?

daisy1crop So if you don’t recognize the name by now you should…otherwise trust me her name will be a household word very shortly.  We’re talking about Daisy Mallory! (very own website coming soon)  The next big country entertainer…not just a great vocalist, but she’s talented with her guitar and she also writes her own songs!  Just recently she released her first music video for “Do You Think Of Me?”

Why are we so excited for her?  Well there are many reasons but the first one that comes to mind is that she’s just 16! I know hard to believe but most 16 year olds are worrying about proms, learning to drive, hanging out at the mall, posting their latest pics on facebook, or just going to school and getting their homework done.  So just think, Daisy is still going to school (virtually), she now has her driver’s license from Blueprint, and she still goes shopping for clothes and things…

Here are a few other not so typical teenage things she’s done over the last few months…

  • She was invited to talk on a couple of Arizona radio shows
  • She was a guest speaker at the Arizona Songwriter’s Gathering
  • She sang the National Anthem at a Coyotes game
  • She performed at Celebrity Fight Night (and shared the stage with the likes of Reba, Kris Kristofferson, and Jessi Colter to name a few)
  • She walked her first Red Carpet…now how many teenagers get to say that?
  • She was featured in her first music video…and it was great!

I’m still thinking back to when I was that age…maybe the days are longer than 24 hours now.  I still don’t know how she manages to fit everything in at this point and it’s only going to get busier for her…but we wish her only the best and know that we’ll definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more of Daisy Mallory to come!

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